Yoox Group

“Would that interest you?” Moritz asked. We walked onto the rooftop deck of Yoox’s office together and absorbed the panoramic view of the Manhattan skyline that our Hoboken penthouse afforded us. The wind was often at its strongest from the vantage point, and Moritz had to turn his back in order to light his cigarette. Successful, he took a drag.

At the time, writing digital copy for Diesel and Energie [Shop Now!] was already a part of my daily routine – that, and convincing D&G’s non-native English translators that while “ragazze troppo fashion” might work in Italian, “fashion” as an adjective in English does not. I spent nights in the FIT basement; high on sugar-free Redbull and mini brownie bites during three-hour long styling classes. “Another shoot this weekend?” my colleagues wondered [Styling 101], as I lugged oversized suitcases and shoeboxes into the office for safekeeping. They no longer asked if I had getaway plans for the weekend. My guiding mantra back then was: “I’m Sophia J. Gonzalez; I get shit done.” What an awesome business card header that would someday make, I used to think, when I’m Fashion Editor for Harper’s Bazaar.

I considered his question for a few moments. He wanted me to not only create dedicated product galleries, but to style and write copy for the launch of Yoox’s first flash sales in America. Little did I know then, in 2009, that my involvement would later lead to my single-handedly managing all visual and editorial content [The Edit and Style Bites] for Yoox in the US market. The “Yoox loves USA series would be last big project before my resignation and move to London in 2011.

In a voice that I hoped would mask my excitement, I looked up at Moritz and replied, “Of course.”